Welcome to World of Keralis!

A network containing two main servers; Survival & Creative!

We are a laid back SMP server, with Grief Prevention, an economy & plenty of other features. We are on 1.20+ and everyone is welcome! We have a claiming system that prevents random players you don't know able to touch your builds! We strive to have a Non-Competitive Environment which is achieved by making our server focused on PvE, having Keep-Inventory enabled(Deathchests), and by having No Leaderboards.

We are one of the longest-running creative Minecraft servers, with over 11 years of legacy! We are on 1.20 and everyone is welcome! We have a custom texturepack, various different cities and towns to explore and many incredible builds to see! We strive to make realistic towns with careful planning, push the boundaries of what is possible with Minecraft's mechanics and create a sense of community.